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Connecting rural artisans to global customers

Selling online to international buyers via platforms is not just about profits but also about bringing a global audience to the rural artisans, for whom this would normally not be possible. So, on a selling platform, there is an added responsibility to showcase not just good products that international customers can carry a good experience of, but also a good impression about sellers, artisans as well as the country as a whole. That’s in a way service to the nation in their own little way, for based on such perceptions people would also plan to come and visit our country as a tourist in the coming days.

Global retail buyers are mainly of two types – one is the NRI population or the people of Indian origin who are now settled abroad but still are very much Indian in terms of love for food, music, customs and culture. The other set of people are those who are purely foreign, who look forward to a good experience and understanding of India through its lovely fashion and colourful attires. And what better than our traditional and ethnic clothing for this!

Hence, International buyers and customers offer a huge chance to sellers and artisans to showcase the big brand called India to the outside world.

Showcasing Indian ethnic clothing to international audiences brings artisans not just more demand for their products but also recognition at the international level and sometimes this leads to situations that can change their lives forever. For example, if any cultural entity or even a clothing house decides to buy in bulk, this can bring a lot of demand and change their lives for quite many seasons and perhaps forever. Recently we sold several pieces of a particular clothing to an international dance troupe which they loved immensely and shared their love on social media. This, not just brought acknowledgment to the hard work of the artisans but also to us, as a seller platform.

Platforms must ensure to share profits liberally with their artisans and weavers and full credit should go to them not just in terms of good words and acknowledgment but also in terms of gains. They not just work very hard for their livelihoods but also work towards preserving the culture and traditions of India.

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