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Our Looms need our Love

It is Covid everywhere

but work has to go on. But only at a minimum scale. What else one can do?

The pressure of deadlines can be much.

Adhiram and Kartik (Our weavers) politely request for some more days. Not that they are lazy.

They work really hard!

They just want to make this one their best. As they always do.

The buyer is nice. She understands.

Adhiram and Kartik are happy. Happy that they are getting a chance to make the buyer happy. With their wonderful creation.

The buyer may not know it. Or is it?

But we do. We understand. We are not into this just to sell. We feel too.

The result delights the customer.

Adhiram and Kartik are happy, as if they have found gold. We see gold glisten on their forehead in the form of their sweat.

We are touched! A lot!

Just hope that this touches you too.

But Covid. Never!

Take care

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