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Ajrakh sarees are made using a unique form of block-printing found mostly in Sindh, Pakistan and Ajrakhpur, Kutch district, India1. The process of making an Ajrakh saree involves a sixteen step process of washing, dyeing, printing, and drying, with one step being performed in one day and the fabric being put to rest for the day2. The ingredients used in Ajrakh are derived from nature such as wild indigo, pomegranate bark and seeds, and harde. Camel dung is also used to remove starch from the fabric. Apart from this the artisans use rusted iron to create dye2.

The cloth is soaked in Harada (tamarind seed powder) solution and dried under the sun. Then the cloth is fixed on a platform with ball pins to begin block printing. Dye paint is kept in a dye tray and the wooden blocks are immersed in the dye and printed on the cloth. Initially borders are printed first and then outlines of the design are printed. Newspaper is used to avoid printing on other areas. Different blocks are used for each color. After the printing is done, it is washed in plain water. Then it is washed in flowing water. Between each wash the cloth is beaten on the stone slab to remove all impurities. Then washed cloths are spread on the ground and dried under the Sun. Then as it dries it is folded and taken for the next step i.e; Indigo Dying. The cloth is dyed in indigo color to get blue shade. Dyed cloths are again dyed in solution of alizarin and Dhawdaka Phul. These dyed cloths are dried in the Sun and packed for marketing2.

Red Authentic Hand Block Ajrakh Print Modal Silk Saree

SKU: EL1087
₹6,599.00 Regular Price
₹5,939.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Modal Silk
    Work - Authentic Hand Blocking
    Width - 44 inches
    Length of Saree - 5.5 MTR
    Blouse - 80 cm
    Wash care - Dry Clean only

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