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This is quite a specific and niche question about a particular type of traditional Indian saree. The Berhampuri silk saree with a double pallu and ganga jamuna border is a luxurious and high-quality garment from Odisha, India.

This type of saree would typically be worn by:

  • Women who appreciate traditional Indian craftsmanship and textiles
  • Collectors of fine silk sarees
  • Affluent individuals who can afford luxury clothing
  • People attending special occasions like weddings or important cultural events
  • Those who want to showcase their cultural heritage
  • Celebrities or public figures during cultural events or photo shoots
  • Patrons of handloom and supporters of traditional weaving communities

The specific interest in handloom, double pallu design, and ganga jamuna border suggests someone with a deep appreciation for the intricate details of traditional Indian textiles.


The Berhampuri double pallu silk saree with ganga jamuna border is a luxurious and traditional garment, making it suitable for a variety of special occasions. Here are some events where it would be appropriate to wear this type of saree:

  • Weddings: As a guest at an Indian wedding, especially for close family members.
  • Religious ceremonies: Important pujas, temple visits, or festivals like Diwali or Durga Puja.
  • Cultural events: Classical dance performances, music concerts, or art exhibitions.
  • Formal receptions: Government or diplomatic events where traditional attire is appreciated.
  • Award ceremonies: Especially those related to arts, culture, or literature.
  • Traditional Day celebrations: At workplaces or educational institutions.
  • Engagement ceremonies: For the bride or close family members.
  • Anniversaries: Particularly milestone celebrations like 25th or 50th anniversaries.
  • Naming ceremonies or other important family functions.
  • Film premieres or cultural galas: Especially those showcasing Indian culture.
  • Fashion shows or exhibitions focused on traditional textiles.
  • Important community gatherings or social events.

Given its high value and craftsmanship, this saree is generally reserved for significant occasions rather than everyday wear. It's a garment that makes a statement about one's appreciation for traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Berhampuri Silk Saree With Double Pallu And Ganga Jamuna Border

SKU: EL2075
₹29,999.00 Regular Price
₹25,499.15Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Original Berhampuri Silk 
    Work - Exclusive Berhampuri double pallu silk saree 
    Blouse Piece - A blouse piece is included with the saree as pictured

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