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Chanderi sarees are a traditional type of Indian silk saree known for their lightweight, sheer texture and fine weaving. They are handwoven in the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh.

Some key features of Chanderi sarees:

  • Often have gold and silver zari work
  • Typically feature intricate floral or geometric patterns
  • Known for their subtle sheen and translucent texture


  • Pure silk fabric
  • Intricate handwoven patterns
  • Fine zari work in real gold or silver thread
  • Rich, traditional colors
  • Certification of authenticity


Chanderi sarees are popular among many Indian women and are worn for various occasions. Here's some information about who typically wears them and when:

  • Wearers:
  • Women of all ages, but particularly popular among middle-aged and older women
  • Those who appreciate traditional Indian craftsmanship and textiles
  • People who enjoy lightweight, comfortable sarees
  • Women who want to make a elegant yet understated fashion statement
  • Occasions:
  • Formal events and ceremonies
  • Weddings (especially for guests)
  • Religious festivals and pujas
  • Cultural events and performances
  • Office wear (particularly in government or traditional professions)
  • Special family gatherings or dinners
  • Versatility: Chanderi sarees are valued for their versatility. The lightweight fabric makes them comfortable for daily wear, while the fine craftsmanship and often intricate designs make them suitable for more formal occasions as well.
  • Regional preferences: While originating from Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi sarees are popular across India, especially in northern and central regions.
  • Seasonal wear: Due to their light and airy nature, Chanderi sarees are particularly favored in warm weather, though they can be paired with a shawl or jacket for cooler temperatures.

Chanderi Handloom Traditional Pattu Soft Silk Saree

₹15,999.00 Regular Price
₹14,399.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Pure Pattu Soft Silk
    Work - All Over Meenakari Ghani Big Buti With Resham Patela Border, With Tissue Taraz Pallu 
    Saree Length• 5M 50Cm
    (Running Blouse)Blouse Length• 1M

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