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The exclusive Doli Baraat Aanchal Odisha Handloom Nabakothi Pure Silk Saree is perfect for various special occasions and events, including:

  • Weddings: This saree is ideal for both wedding guests and brides who want to make a statement with its luxurious and elegant design.

  • Festivals: Wear this saree during festive occasions such as Diwali, Durga Puja, or Eid, where dressing up in traditional attire is customary.

  • Social Gatherings: Whether it's a formal dinner party, cultural event, or social gathering, this saree adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your ensemble.

  • Religious Ceremonies: Attend religious ceremonies and rituals with grace and style by adorning yourself in this exquisite handloom silk saree.

  • Celebrations: Celebrate milestone events such as anniversaries, birthdays, or engagements in style by draping yourself in this stunning saree.

  • Cultural Events: Showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Odisha, this saree is perfect for cultural events, exhibitions, and performances.

Overall, this saree is versatile enough to be worn on various special occasions where you want to exude elegance, grace, and traditional charm.


Primarily targeting individuals aged 30-60 years old, encompassing a mature audience with refined tastes and a penchant for luxury fashion items.
Predominantly female, with a smaller segment of male buyers who appreciate the elegance and craftsmanship of handloom silk sarees.
Urban and affluent suburban areas with a thriving fashion scene and a higher demand for exclusive and high-end ethnic wear.
High income to ultra-high net worth individuals who have the financial means to indulge in luxury purchases and invest in premium-quality textiles.
Individuals who lead a luxurious lifestyle, attending upscale social gatherings and cultural events where wearing exquisite sarees is part of the social etiquette.
Consumers who actively seek exclusive and opulent fashion pieces, value traditional craftsmanship and premium-quality fabrics, and are willing to invest in pieces that reflect their refined taste and social status.

Classic Royal Blue Doli Baraat Aanchal Nabakothi Pure Mulberry Silk Saree

₹20,949.00 Regular Price
₹17,806.65Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Pure Mulberry Silk 
    Work - Authentic Handloom Nabakothi Silk Saree 
    Khandua Silk sarees / Nabakothi sarees have cotton ikat thread used for Pallu / Aanchal and in border for few specific sarees.
    Blouse Piece - No

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