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The Cotton Masrise saree with Kasuti embroidery is a traditional garment primarily associated with Karnataka, a state in South India. It is popular among women who appreciate traditional Indian attire, especially those from South Indian communities.

This type of saree is suitable for various occasions, including:

  • South Indian weddings: It's a popular choice for wedding guests, particularly for daytime ceremonies.
  • Traditional festivals: Worn during celebrations like Ugadi, Diwali, or Pongal.
  • Religious ceremonies and temple visits
  • Cultural events and performances
  • Formal gatherings or receptions
  • Traditional day functions

The Cotton Masrise saree with Kasuti work is versatile enough to be worn by women of different age groups, from young adults to elderly women. It's particularly favored by those who want to showcase their cultural heritage or have a connection to Karnataka.

While it's most commonly worn in South India, particularly Karnataka, this saree can be appreciated and worn by anyone who admires Indian traditional clothing, regardless of their regional background.


Professional women who might choose to wear a Cotton Masrise saree with Kasuti work include:

  • Academics: Professors, researchers, or lecturers in fields related to Indian culture, textiles, or history.
  • Artists: Especially those working in traditional Indian art forms or those who draw inspiration from Indian culture.
  • Politicians: Particularly those from Karnataka or other South Indian states, who may wear it to showcase regional pride.
  • Lawyers and judges: Especially in South India, where traditional attire is sometimes worn in courtrooms.
  • Government officials: During cultural events or when representing their state or country.
  • Diplomats: When attending cultural events or representing India in international settings.
  • Media personalities: News anchors, talk show hosts, or journalists, especially when covering cultural topics.
  • Corporate executives: During traditional celebrations at work or cultural corporate events.
  • Museum curators: Particularly those working with Indian textiles or cultural artifacts.
  • Event planners: Specializing in traditional Indian weddings or cultural events.
  • Fashion designers: Especially those focusing on traditional Indian wear.
  • Teachers: Particularly those teaching subjects related to Indian culture or during cultural events at educational institutions.

These professionals might choose this saree to express their cultural identity, show respect for traditions, or simply because they appreciate its aesthetic and craftsmanship. The choice often depends on the specific work environment, the occasion, and personal style preferences.

Green and Red Cotton Masrise Saree With Kasuti Embroidery

₹2,799.00 Regular Price
₹2,519.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Cotton Masrise 
    Work - heavy stitch 5 mtr Kasuti work on saree along with pallu work, Contrast Hand Dyeing Pallu
    Length of saree - 6m
    Blouse Length - With Running Blouse

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