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Professional women in leadership roles, such as executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the arts and culture sector, as well as women who value tradition and craftsmanship, would likely be interested in wearing a Pure Berhampuri Mulberry Silk authentic Odisha handloom saree.

Additionally, women who appreciate luxury and exclusivity in their attire, as well as those who support sustainable and ethical fashion practices, may also be drawn to wearing this saree.

Occasions where wearing this saree would be fitting include:

  • Formal events and galas: The luxurious silk fabric and intricate handloom craftsmanship make this saree perfect for attending formal events, charity galas, and award ceremonies, where dressing to impress is essential.

  • Cultural celebrations and festivals: Women may choose to wear this saree to cultural events, festivals, and religious ceremonies to showcase their pride in traditional Odisha handloom textiles and craftsmanship.

  • Weddings and receptions: The opulent Berhampuri Mulberry Silk saree is well-suited for weddings, receptions, and other festive occasions where dressing up in traditional attire is customary.

  • Professional gatherings and conferences: Professionals in leadership roles may opt for this saree to make a strong and sophisticated statement at professional gatherings, conferences, and networking events.

  • Exclusive social occasions: Women attending exclusive social gatherings, high-profile parties, and upscale soirées may choose to wear this saree to stand out and make a stylish statement.

Overall, the Pure Berhampuri Mulberry Silk authentic Odisha handloom saree appeals to women who appreciate the beauty of traditional handloom textiles, value craftsmanship, and seek to make a bold yet elegant statement on special occasions and in professional settings.

Burgundy Color Pure Berhampuri Double Pallu Silk Authentic Odisha Handloom Saree

SKU: EL1998
₹30,999.00 Regular Price
₹26,349.15Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Pure Berhampuri Silk 
    Work - Double Pallu Authentic Handloom with Heavy Thread Work Mild Color Combination Pallu 
    Blouse Piece - A blouse piece is included with the saree as pictured

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