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Professional women who work in fields such as law, finance, and business, as well as women who appreciate luxury and timeless elegance, would likely be interested in wearing Pure Bhagalpuri Silk Dupion handwoven authentic handloom sarees from the land of Bhagalpur. Additionally, women who value traditional craftsmanship and heritage textiles, as well as those who enjoy attending formal events and cultural gatherings, may also be drawn to wearing this saree.
Occasions where wearing this saree would be fitting include:
Corporate events and business meetings: The luxurious silk fabric and elegant handwoven design make this saree perfect for professional women who want to make a sophisticated statement in formal business settings.
Social functions and cultural events: Women attending social gatherings, parties, and cultural events may choose to wear this saree to showcase their appreciation for traditional textiles and heritage craftsmanship.Weddings and festive celebrations: The opulent Bhagalpuri Silk Dupion saree is well-suited for weddings, receptions, and festive occasions where dressing up in traditional attire is customary.
Special occasions and milestones: Women may opt for this saree to mark significant life events such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays, or achievements, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the celebration.
Overall, the Pure Bhagalpuri Silk Dupion handwoven authentic handloom saree appeals to women who appreciate the beauty of heritage textiles, value craftsmanship, and seek to make a stylish yet timeless statement on special occasions and in professional settings. significant fashion pieces.


Pure Bhagalpuri Silk Dupion Handwoven Authentic Handloom Saree

₹8,449.00 Regular Price
₹7,604.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Pure Silk Dupion 
    Work - Authentic Handwoven | Pure Zari 
    Length of Saree: 6.5m with contrast blouse piece

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