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  • Artisans: Skilled craftsmen and women involved in traditional handloom weaving or textile arts, who appreciate the intricate craftsmanship of Tussar silk sarees.
  • Boutique Owners: Entrepreneurs running boutique stores specializing in handcrafted and premium ethnic wear, catering to discerning customers.
  • Fashion Designers: Professionals in the fashion industry seeking unique and luxurious textiles for their collections, especially those focusing on traditional and artisanal fabrics.
  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about preserving and promoting traditional crafts and cultural heritage, who value the storytelling and artistry behind handwoven sarees.
  • Socialites: Those who frequently attend upscale social gatherings, weddings, and cultural events, where wearing exclusive and opulent sarees is customary.
  • Urban Professionals: Individuals working in urban areas, including corporate executives, educators, and professionals, who appreciate fine quality handcrafted textiles for special occasions.
  • Eco-conscious Consumers: Those who prioritize sustainable and ethically-made fashion, supporting the livelihoods of skilled artisans and weavers.
  • High-income Individuals: Those with the financial means to invest in premium-quality handwoven sarees, seeking timeless and elegant pieces for their wardrobe.

These individuals are likely to appreciate the superior craftsmanship, cultural significance, and luxurious feel of the Pure Tussar Handwoven Dolabedi pallu temple border Tussar Silk Saree.

Pure Tussar Handwoven Dolabedi Pallu Temple Border Tussar Silk Saree

₹10,449.00 Regular Price
₹9,404.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric:  Pure Tussar Silk (Silk Mark Certified)
    Saree length: 5.5 mtr
    Work - Handloom Saree with Dolabedi Pallu and Temple Border
    Blouse piece length: 0.8 m. Running Color blouse piece

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