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  • Professional women who are likely to appreciate and wear the Pure Tussar Handwoven Dolabedi pallu temple border Tussar Silk Saree include:

  • Fashion Designers: Women in the fashion industry who seek unique textiles for their collections and understand the value of traditional craftsmanship.

  • Boutique Owners: Female entrepreneurs running boutique stores specializing in curated collections of premium ethnic wear, catering to discerning customers.

  • Corporate Executives: Senior-level businesswomen with a taste for luxury and a desire to make a statement at social events, appreciating the elegance and sophistication of handwoven silk sarees.

  • Educators: Women working as professors, lecturers, or school principals who appreciate fine quality handcrafted textiles for professional gatherings or cultural events.

  • Cultural Enthusiasts: Women passionate about preserving and promoting traditional crafts and cultural heritage, who value the artistry and storytelling behind handwoven sarees.

  • Socialites: Those who frequently attend upscale social gatherings, weddings, and cultural events, where wearing exclusive and opulent sarees is customary, seeking standout pieces to enhance their wardrobe.

  • Urban Professionals: Women working in urban areas in various professions such as doctors, lawyers, and architects, who appreciate the timeless elegance and luxurious feel of handwoven silk sarees.

  • Eco-conscious Consumers: Women who prioritize sustainable and ethically-made fashion, supporting the livelihoods of skilled artisans and weavers while indulging in premium-quality textiles.


These professional women are likely to wear the Pure Tussar Handwoven Dolabedi pallu temple border Tussar Silk Saree for special occasions, professional gatherings, cultural events, or even as a statement piece in their everyday wardrobe, showcasing their appreciation for craftsmanship and sophistication.

Pure Tussar Handwoven Dolabedi Pallu Temple Border Tussar Silk Saree

₹10,449.00 Regular Price
₹9,404.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric:  Pure Tussar Silk (Silk Mark Certified)
    Saree length: 5.5 mtr
    Work - Handloom Saree with Dolabedi Pallu and Temple Border
    Blouse piece length: 0.8 m. Running Color blouse piece

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