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This type of saree - a Resham Khan saree with traditional Saraswati motif designed pallu, extra running blouse, and a contrast blouse with traditional motif, described as a Maharashtrian saree suitable for Maharashtrian and Indian weddings - would likely appeal to several groups of professional women:

  • Lawyers and judges, especially those working in Maharashtra or with connections to Maharashtrian culture
  • University professors and academics in fields related to Indian culture, history, or textiles
  • Corporate executives with Indian heritage or those working in companies with strong ties to India
  • Politicians and government officials, particularly those from Maharashtra or representing areas with significant Maharashtrian populations
  • Doctors and medical professionals, especially those of Maharashtrian descent or working in Maharashtra
  • Artists, designers, and architects who appreciate traditional Indian craftsmanship and motifs
  • Media personalities, journalists, and news anchors, particularly those covering cultural events or based in Maharashtra
  • Curators and museum directors specializing in Indian textiles and cultural artifacts
  • Diplomats and international relations professionals representing India or working on India-related matters
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs in fields related to traditional Indian crafts or textiles

These professional women might choose this saree for several reasons:

  • To showcase their cultural heritage at important events
  • To make a statement about supporting traditional craftsmanship
  • For attending high-profile weddings or cultural ceremonies
  • To wear at professional events where traditional attire is appropriate
  • As a way to connect with their roots while maintaining a professional image

The inclusion of both a running blouse and a contrast blouse with traditional motifs suggests versatility, allowing the wearer to adapt the saree for different occasions or to create varied looks.

Resham Khan Maharashtrian Saree With Traditional Saraswati Motif Designed Pallu

SKU: EL2048
₹2,839.00 Regular Price
₹2,555.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric: Resham Blend Khan Saree
    Work: Topa Pallu | Handmade Saree  
    Length Of Saree: 6.2 mtr                                                                                              
    Blouse Piece: Maharashtrian Style traditional motif designed blouse piece, the same as shown in the images

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