Our Story



Ethnics Land - A land which is a bouquet of all Indian Handlooms, a land that believes in its artisans, a land that believes in Indian culture, a land that believes in artisan empowerment and a land that feels that every individual out there should get a touch & feel of authentic Indian Handloom in its raw natural form, no filter and no touch up. Yes, we are that Desi Connection that connects you with our amazing artisans, we want to be that Ethnics Land that empowers as many Indian artisans as we come across.

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Ethnics Land is an online premium store for Indian handmade / handcrafted / handloom Sarees, Salwar Suits, Fabric, Kurtis, accessories, home care etc. coming straight from our rural Indian village artisans. Designs handpicked, curated & quality checked by Ethnics Land. 


Empowering Indian Artisans

One of our primary goals is to promote Indian Handicraft segment and help our artisans showcase their products to the whole world. We not only promote our artisan's products within India but also internationally. They deserve a lot of attention because of their amazing skills and we want to be that emotion that links our buyers with our hardworking artisans. 

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Women Leadership

Ethnics Land is run by a group of women entrepreneurs and works at all levels to empower women.

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Customer Experience

We believe that each and every customer associated with Ethnics Land should be delighted to be a part of us. We intend to provide our buyers the best designs, best quality products, best sales experience at the best rates, which is why we have a customer satisfaction rate of 98.9%