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Why Investing In Artisan Made Products Is Good For The Planet

We have all heard the phrase, "Buy local" at one point or the other. The local business economy and community thrive when people buy from small businesses and use their services. When you shop local, you invest in your community and its future. Small businesses make a difference by providing jobs and supporting the local economy.

The main thing is that you are supporting the livelihood of another human being who happens to live in a region that you find beautiful and charming.

When you buy from an artisan in a village you help him/her be at their place in lovely surroundings among the greens and rooted to the earth, if not they will have no other option but move to a city for livelihood, many times with their families.

Buy from an artisan and help them be where they want to. Make this your investment for the planet.

Consider how buying from an artisan helps:

1- You help to revive an age old craft and keep it going.

2- You are contributing to economy of a village or community which is also good for the country.

3- By buying from artisans, you contribute directly to improving their lives and that of their community. They work in their own environment with no pollution & power outages.

4- Artisanal production is all about quality, not quantity. Their products are pure, hence

Handloom artisans working

they have long life spans and they don't go out of style easily either.

Every purchase of ours has implications for employment and ecological damage, so let’s think about what we're buying and where it comes from before we add it to our cart.

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