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Crafted by master artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations, our Chanderi Full Tissue Zari Weaving Saree epitomizes the timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship of India's rich textile heritage.

Meticulously handwoven from the finest silk threads and adorned with intricate zari embellishments, this exquisite saree is a true masterpiece. The lightweight tissue weave drapes effortlessly, while the zari work adds a touch of opulence, reflecting the grandeur of Indian royalty.

Whether gracing formal events, weddings, or cultural gatherings, this saree is a sophisticated choice for discerning individuals who appreciate the finest in traditional artistry. From esteemed professionals and entrepreneurs to academics and creative visionaries, it caters to those with a refined taste for luxury and an affinity for authenticity.

Invest in this one-of-a-kind Chanderi saree and become a part of a legacy that celebrates the artistry of Indian weavers. With every drape, you'll carry the stories of generations, embodying timeless grace and cultural pride.

Saree for Professionals in high-paying industries:

Executives, Managers, Directors, Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Academics and Educators: Professors, Lecturers, Researchers
  • Creative Professionals: Artists, Designers, Writers

    Sarees for Upper-middle-class and affluent individuals with disposable income Metropolitan cities, tier-1 cities, and cultural hubs where traditional craftsmanship and heritage are appreciated. Individuals who attend formal events, weddings, cultural gatherings, and social functions where wearing handloom sarees is customary or appreciate,  Well-educated individuals with an appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and luxury products. People with an affinity towards Indian traditions, art, and fashion, particularly those who value the authenticity and exclusivity of handwoven sarees.

Authentic Handloom Chanderi Full Tissue Zari Weaving Saree

₹10,849.00 Regular Price
₹9,764.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Handloom - Chanderi Handwoven
    Fabric - Chanderi Full Tissue Zari Weaving Saree
    Work - Zari Weaving Saree
    Saree Length - 5M 50Cm

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