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  • Fashion Designers: Fashion designers who appreciate the craftsmanship and intricate designs of traditional textiles may wear this saree for inspiration or as a statement piece during fashion events and exhibitions.

  • Boutique Owners: Entrepreneurs running boutique stores specializing in ethnic wear may wear this saree to showcase their collection and attract customers to their stores, especially during festive seasons and cultural events.

  • Event Planners: Professionals organizing cultural events, weddings, and festivals may wear this saree to demonstrate their understanding and appreciation of traditional attire while coordinating and managing events.

  • Cultural Ambassadors: Women representing their culture and heritage in various forums, such as cultural festivals, seminars, or exhibitions, may choose to wear this saree to showcase the rich tradition of Bandhani art.

  • Social Media Influencers: Influencers and bloggers focusing on fashion, culture, and heritage may wear this saree for photo shoots, videos, or social media content to promote traditional textiles and showcase their versatility.

As for events, this saree is suitable for:

  • Festivals: Diwali, Navratri, Eid, and other cultural festivals where traditional attire is celebrated.
  • Weddings: As a guest or family member attending weddings, engagements, or related ceremonies.
  • Cultural Events: Art exhibitions, craft fairs, cultural shows, and community gatherings celebrating heritage and tradition.
  • Formal Events: Professional conferences, seminars, or networking events where showcasing cultural identity through attire is appreciated.

Overall, the New Bandhani Art Silk saree is versatile and can be worn by professional women at a variety of events, allowing them to express their cultural pride and appreciation for traditional textiles.

Green Color Hand Work Bandhej Art Silk Zari Weaving Border Saree

₹2,449.00 Regular Price
₹2,204.10Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Fabric - Art Silk 100% Original Bandhej 
    Work - Heavy Zari Weaving Border | Hand Work Bandhej 
    Length of Saree - 6.50 MTR
    Wash care - Dry Clean only

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